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Future Updates

When Should we expect the next update with new features?

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Hi Dustin,

NestFab is coming into its 8th year now.  Over this time we have continuously improved the software to make what we believe is the easiest to use and best performing nesting software on the market today.  However, this has come with a cost as we have built up, what is known in the industry as, "technical debt".  Basically, over time, the software source code has become more complicated and unwieldy than it needs to be.  This complication can often make adding new features complicated and affects our speed of development. Rather than battle again what is currently there, we have decided to restructure the existing software code to untangle the complication which will, in turn, make future developments quicker.  This will mean NestFab v4 will take longer than anticipated but ongoing developments and addition of new features thereafter should be quicker.

Stick with us.  NestFab v4 will have multi-material / thickness support, filler parts and further efficiency upgrades to the nesting along with a bunch of other improvements.

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