"We are delighted to announce the launch of NestFab v3 which adds a lot of new features (including many suggested by our users) along with new versions of our Standard and Ultra-Performance nesting engines.  We hope you get as much benefit from using v3 as we had enjoyment in making it." - Efficient Software Team

Here is the full list of new features in v3:

New Nesting Enhancements

Ultra Performance is now even better than before with improvements of up to 1% over NestFab v2. OK, 1% isn't much you may say but remember that NestFab v2 Ultra-Performance was the world's best nesting until NestFab v3 Ultra-Performance came along. So we're delivering another 1% saving on the world's best.

Standard Nesting has also been enhanced with performance and stability improvements along with a reduced memory footprint. 

Choice of Trial Mode (Standard or Ultra)

We have now made it possible to use either Standard or Ultra modes in full during the trial.  NestFab v3 will ask you which nesting mode to trial on every run of the software so you can simply restart NestFab to switch nesting mode. 

Importer Improvements

We've added support for the very latest AutoCAD DXF/DWG versions (2013-2017) and improved the logic in the importer so more files will import first time, everytime.  We have added the automatic removal of duplicate lines and arcs.  We've also added some reactive tolerance which enables us to import more part files than ever before. 

Basic Shapes without CAD Files

NestFab v2 had no way of entering simple part data (such as a rectangle or a circle) without opening up a CAD editor and drawing the part.  We listened and have added a Basic Shapes button to add rectangles, circles or rings via a simple spreadsheet style interface. 

Data For Quoting

You've got to quote some cutting work and you've imported and nested your parts.  That's the material requirement sorted but how do you figure out cutting time?  Well, we've added a very helpful widget to the Parts screen which shows you the Cutting Distance and Number of Pierces for the imported parts.  From there, its just a matter of feeding that data into your costing calculator or spreadsheet to determine your cutting costs.  Furthermore, you can also export that data to a spreadsheet via CSV file and also export the cleaned parts to individual files - useful if you're having to feed another system that's a bit less tolerant of part files than NestFab v3! 

Automation / Integration from ERP / MRP Systems

We've added some great new ways to use the software.  Particularly the ability to "feed" part information and quantities into NestFab v3 via a new CSV format.  We have also built in a command line interface to allow you to automatically run NestFab, import your DXF files (or build your rectangle, circles or rings) then run NestFab for a number of seconds and output the result to DXF.  This opens up the possibility of turning your order / cutting lists into full nests from your ERP or MRP system.

Integration with OMAX Waterjet Software (IntelliMAX / MAXIEM)

We are excited to announce that NestFab v3 introduces a new "Export to OMAX" button for users of the OMAX IntelliMax / Maxiem software.  This offers a quick a convenient way to send NestFab nests to the OMAX software with the correct quality assignments. 

High Resolution Screen Support

We have revamped the NestFab UI to better support high resolution screens.

Minor Bug Fixes and UI Improvements

Too many to list but, trust us, we've been working hard on it!