This article will explain how to re-use your partially cut sheets, otherwise referred to as Sheet Remnants.


The ability to utilise your otherwise wasted sheet material presents a huge opportunity to maximise material usage and minimise waste. Two principals thoroughly embraced by the team at NestFab.


The first step in this process is to generate your nest. As ever, wait for an acceptable result and export, using your tried and tested export options.

We now need to use two very specific export options; “Parts on Single Layer” and “Yes, Output Sheets”. This creates a nest that is easily identified as a remnant. The use of these export options is crucial to the further stages in this process.

Once your remnant file has been created, we need to import it as a sheet. Hit the Import DXF/DWG button in the Sheets tab.

Select your file and ensure both of the Colour/Layer Assignments are set to “Cut”.

This stage can generate a number of unwanted “parts” so we ensure only our sheet is selected as a desired output.

Assess your imported sheet to ensure the process has worked.


Now we can re-nest on our sheet!