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Stop Criterias

I would like to see the addition of Automatic Stop Criteria's.

IE for the software to stop nesting once a efficiency % has been reached, or a minimum sheet length has been reached.

Currently, I am nesting now whilst I type this and have to keep checking to see if the nest has reached better than 85% efficiency which is a target I believe I need to achieve for this job.

In terms of desk efficiency, it is annoying to have to keep stopping what I am doing in order to check on the current nest efficiency. 

If the software opened a windows notification once a target criteria had been achieved, it would be a 'set and forget' job that allows one to carry on with alternative work undisturbed.

Also the auto stop feature would mean that the software (which is seriously processor intensive), can release computing power hogging at the first opportunity allowing other tasks such as CAD work to be faster sooner.


Thanks for your suggestions Andrew.  We did speak about this on the phone before you posted but I thought I better just respond on the forum so it didn't look like we were ignoring you!

Hi Glen,

Thanks for the reply.

I just posted on here because you asked me to share any suggestions on the forum so that others could join the discussion, 

I hope we can get this implemented at some point. I think your solution was to add a pop up notice function rather than an actual stop as this would be easier to implement - this would be a great help anyway!

Thanks for all your great work with the software

Thanks Andrew.  Yes, we'd like to hear from more users about feature requests to help drive our development forward in as useful a way as possible.

Another good reason for having this function is that...

When nesting for a particular sized sheet that requires a high efficiency of nest (densely packed), the software is slower when nesting over multiple sheets until it finds the solution to fit one required sheet only.

Therefore, I often make the sheet bigger than I actually have, knowing that the software has more 'room' to work in and comes up with a working result in a shorter time.

BUT, this means I have to keep checking it to know when it's completed .. having an criteria based auto stop and alert, makes much sense for faster, more efficient nesting. It also allows computer resources to be freed up at the earliest opportunity.

Thanks for the comment.  I've not noticed a difference between multiple sheets and single sheet jobs in my tests so I'd be interested to see the example you have found.  Would you mind emailing me the instance that is slower with multiple sheets compared to single sheet?  Please email to (i.e. off-forum).

You shouldn't need to worry about computer resources being freed up when we've added the ability to run NestFab as a lower priority task.  The processing in your other software will take precedence over NestFab's calculations.  I have merged this request into that one.