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Different partspace for each part

Sometimes I have to nest big sized parts together with small sized parts. The problem is that the big parts need more space than the small ones so that i have to prepare some of the parts with CAD before nesting them together on a sheet.

an option in the detailed grid would be great to handle the needed space of different parts.

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for the suggestion, we may consider adding this functionality to the ultra performance nesting engine in a future release.



I don't know anything about the complexity, but can you also do this with the sheet space? some of my parts need more sheet space than the other.

Hi Matthias, 

To be clear about different part and sheet spacing.

Do your larger parts require a larger gap on the sheet edge also?

Is it always true that a part needing a small part gap needs a small sheet edge gap and a part needing a large part gap needs a large edge gap?

Thank you in advance for clarifying.


Hi Glenn,

think about a big part and you have to add a tolerance +25mm all around it. And you want to bring it on a plate with parts that need neither a sheet gap nor a tolerance. In my options I have to set the sheet and part space to 25mm, but as I said the small parts don't need any space in this case.

I hope that helps a little bit to understand why that would be a great feature to improove the nesting performance. 

But as an answer to your question: No, it is not generally like this. Sometimes big have the same tolerance like the small ones.


So in the example you give, you would want to set the whole job to have a sheet gap of 0mm and part spacing of 0mm BUT say on some of the larger parts that there should be an extra 25mm of space around those part (this would give 25mm sheet gap AND 25mm of part gap for those parts only).  If so, I think it would be possible to do this "extra space" for certain parts but we would need to find a way to add the settings without complicating the UI too much.  I'll raise it at our dev meeting.

Yes, that is what I mean, thank you.

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