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Run as lower priority to allow other programs more access to computer resources (cpu etc.)

My computer is always very slow while NestFab is running. Is it possible to implement a pause button? When I stop nesting NestFab starts completely from the beginning.

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Yes, NestFab will use all the available CPU's on your PC to try and get the very best results possible.  This may prevent other programs from working as quickly as they would if NestFab wasn't running.  We could possibly solve this by making the nesting work as a lower priority process (like a background task).  This would give any other program and probably the operating system tasks priority over the nesting.  Does that make sense or did you want a pause button for another reason also?

Hi Glenn,

that is excactly what I mean. While the nesting process is running I am not able to use CAD for example. But I don't know how much resources I need in this case.

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I have mentioned this before and Glenn came up with a temp work around ...

Start Task Manager

Right click NestFab.exe

Set Affinity

Choose which processors it can run on.


Hi Andrew, thanks for that, i didn't knew this funktion before. I think that will work fine for me.

Thanks for sharing Andrew.  I would just add that you have to set it each time you start NestFab as I don't think it is remembered by Windows.  We will add an option inside the software to reduce the task priority which would be remembered each time you start NestFab so you can set it once and just forget about it.

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This has now been implemented.  It will be available in the next version due by the end of January 2016.

We have just released NestFab v2.24 with this feature!  See here

The option is available from the Preferences section inside NestFab.