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File impor/export types

Would it be possible to add different import and export file types? Ideally we would be after Rhino (*.3dm) compatibility. It would just save us a couple of steps while processing all the flat patterns.

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We have no plans for adding other import and export formats but we will monitor user demand and keep reviewing our position.

NTV would be a very valuable file type for sailmaking industry!

Hi Glenn,

We are havinig a similar issue. We are currently using two types of machines (Lectra and Eastman). For the Eastman machine the DXF files work wonderfully, for the Lectra machine the file needs to be made into an .PLX format. Lectra provides software to do so but... it completly breaks up the good nest made by nestfab.

Any possibility of adding a .PLX format export?

Hi Lars,

I am happy to help as much as I can but I know very little about the .PLX format.  My understanding is that it is a proprietary Lectra format.

Have you tried speaking to Lectra about it?  I think it should be possible to import a manually prepared DXF nest in almost all CAM systems now so I'd be surprised if you had to renest to get a worse nest potentially.

Did you try exporting using different export settings from NestFab?  I would try the polylines and the "nest as blocks" option.

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