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Order By Size - Not ordering by size

When in parts or sheets view, clicking the tab to order by size does not seems to work, I think it orders by numerical order as in the lowest first second and third etc number, however, this is not ordering by size.

To be able to list parts specifically by width or length is quite important very often to find a part that is causing an issue, or to select priority of cut in bulk operations.

This would be a nice thing to have. Thanks!

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestion.  We could probably separate out the dimensions into width and length columns which would allow for independent sorting.  We are also considering adding a few more columns such as area and cut distance.  

I'll table this at the next planning meeting.


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Great, thanks. 

I think this is quite an important addition, as I often find the need to sort parts and sheets by their relative size, so would appreciate this function

Having the ability to sort by length or width via separate columns would be even better!

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