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Sheet Flaw Marker (Area to Avoid)

We have a big problem with flaws or inconsistencies with the fabrics we cut that need avoiding.

If it were possible to sketch or ad generic areas that are to be avoided in the nest at certain positions, it would make life a whole lot easier to deal with material flaws 

(Or even to be able to use sheets that have had something cut from them already (although I do realise this is possible by importing dxf sheets)

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Interesting idea to sketch on the drawing.  To be accurate enough, you'd probably need decent CAD controls so I would recommend drawing the sheet in CAD and using holes as the flaws or regions to avoid.  Import that drawing into the sheets tab and NestFab will avoid the flaws.

Yes I would also like this feature. I can use holes as areas to avoid, however in these areas to avoid, it is possible for me to still cut certain type of parts on it.

Would it be possible to add grading areas in a sheet so that some Grade A parts can be cut in grade A, Grade B parts can be cut in Grade A and Grade B etc? 

Quality regions is something that we are considering supporting in the future, this is slight different from defects / holes but perhaps a similar tool could be used to define both.

Yep, can see that doing it in CAD beforehand is a possible way to do it as it is, I must try this.

If it were possible to have a rough sketch capability - in program - this might be a nice addition if possible.

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