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Show Unique Nests Only - option


The Show Unique nests only check box is checked by default (its setting is not saved by default on reopening meaning you have to turn it off every time if you don't want it.

It would be nice if this setting was stored as a preferred default.

Also, would it be possible so that if un-checked, the exported dxf/dwg files are all exported including duplicates (so that the out put matches the viewed screen for show all nests)?

I just made a mistake not knowing about the multi-sheet export option (won't make mistake again,!) but it would be nice to have a fail-safe option WYSIWYG - 

IE - you cut what you export -

I know it is inefficient to export more files than needed, but it means there is less chance of machine operator error as they just cut what the are given.

We could probably add an export option called "expand all nests" which would save multiple copies of the same nest where its quantity is more than 1.

The file name of the export already gives you the quantity for how many times the nest should be cut.  I understand that you could have overlooked this.

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Hi Glenn,

Thanks, I won't make the same mistake again as it cost me a lot in double return shipping and man hours, but I can see it makes sense and now I need to be aware of it - but to have the option to just cut what is exported without thought is quite handy too - (less brain power = (Operator error) involved!)

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