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Ability to name Sheets

It would be handy to be able to change the saved sheets to a name instead of the dimensions.

For example instead of "100000x1650" - it could be named "AIRX" or whatever is relevant to the common material.

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Thanks for the suggestion.  We plan to add more support for materials / thickness in the near future.  We'll make sure to provide the ability to edit the name of a sheet also.

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Thanks Glenn

Hi Glenn,

I just thought of a nice addition to this request...

In the create sheet window, it would be nice to have the ability to add the quantity in at this stage rather than having to accept the default 100 sheets, which you then have to change in the list of sheets page.

So, you would have - name - dimensions, quantity all in the same window. (would be more efficient).


Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestion!


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