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Pause Button (rather than stop and restart from beginning)


It would be very handy to have a "pause" nest button and restart from existing nest run state.

I often find, like today I need to stop a run to check a part that might be an issue, or some other visual inspection for example, but stop destroys the nesting progress and starts from the beginning again, which in complicated nests wastes some time.It would also allow the computer to temporarily regain full processing power if for example the original CAD file needed to be checked mid nest, if all good, the nest can be restarted without loss of progress gained.

To be able to restart from from last known solve iteration would be very handy in my opinion.

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Hi Andrew,

I think this could be accomplished by setting the "Run As Low Priority" option on the NestFab Preferences screen.  This should allow any other program full access to the CPU at the expense of NestFab.  In the scenario you outline, this would allow you to open and check the drawing in your CAD editor without stopping NestFab at all.  If all is good with the drawing, keep NestFab running.

I do like the idea of being able to get back to the same optimisation position but it would not be high up on our development list. We will wait to see if others here would find that useful or not.

Hi Glenn,

Does not the low priority need to be set before a run? Or can it be activated during a run?

Either way, there can be times where stop is required for one reason or another, if it were possible to pause and carry on, this would be very helpful addition regardless - if you could also save the nest state with the job file and carry on at a later date --- even better!

The low priority takes effect immediately.  You can even change it during a run.

OK, good tip, thanks 

being able to save the nest state and continue at later date or with pause would be a great addition though if technically possible!

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