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Exported Nest Units

I have the settings on Nestfab set to inches and whenever I try to export a job in inches the dxf files seem to save in centimeters.  This happens when I open the files with eDrawings 2018.  I was wondering is this a problem with my settings in Nestfab or maybe the settings that I have for the eDrawings program.  In the file I attached there should be 5" x 5" squares on a 48" x 96" sheet but I keep reading it as 5cm x 5cm squares on a 48cm x 96cm sheet.
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We have had a few users reporting unit issues when opening DXF files.  They have always been using eDrawings!  DXF files can be saved "unitless" which is the general convention.  Most (if not all) other CAD programs such as AutoCAD, Draftsight, DoubleCad, TurboCAD open the files correctly which makes me think eDrawings has a quirk where it needs the unit specified otherwise it chooses to default to something else.  

I am not familiar with eDrawings but perhaps there is a Preference for default import units somewhere.  Something like this:

Let us know if we can help further.

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