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Detailed Report

When I print the detailed reports the right unused portion of the sheet does not print. It therefore is not obvious how much of the sheet was remaining is it possible to have the report print the full sheet size every time.

Hi Rose, thanks for posting.

The issue we have is that we have many users of NestFab in different industries and sectors and we have a lot of clients in composites and technical textile cutting who use long rolls of material, several 100 feet so the sheet size in NestFab is very long.  However, the nests are sometimes only a few feet of material long so fitting the full roll on the report would make the parts so tiny as to be unusable.  I believe that the report gives you the length of the nest and also the sheet dimensions in text form at the top of each nest preview.  I realise this is less visual but do you think that information might work for you?

OK Thanks

Yes I see the sheet size and nest size on report, its is just a visual thing..

Perhaps in a future update it could have a check box to maintain full sheet or not..

Understood.  We'll put it on the list for potential development in a future version.

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