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Nest Export, Multiple File Output Numbering Format


A handy little feature to add in later versions would be to format the numbering of multiple sheets with 2 or 3 digit numbers.

e.g. :  

125 ALU_001 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf 

125 ALU_002 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf 

125 ALU_003 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

125 ALU_004 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

125 ALU_005 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

125 ALU_006 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

125 ALU_007 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

125 ALU_008 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

125 ALU_009 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

125 ALU_010 x1 (120.000x60.000).dxf

The issue is (starting with single digits) when you get to 10 sheets, keeping lists of the file names in order becomes a chore...only a minute or two to re-organize this, but we all know how valuable each minute can be!



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Hi Mike,

Thanks for your suggestion we will consider this in the next round of developments.



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