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maximum CPU cores and CPU threads

 how many CPU cores and CPU threads are supported by nestfab 3.3 in maximum

Yes, if the computer goes down then we can enable the license for install on another computer.  It is not a problem.

The multi-seat discount is valid for licenses at the same business address.  There is no time limit.  If you add the extra seat 3 years later, it will still be discounted.

Thx for your reply.

The life-time license bases on what? what if a computer down and It needs to install on a new computer?

Is the same discount valid if we buy extra seat 3 years after the first purchase?

Both AMD and Intel should be fine.  We haven't optimised per specific make of CPU.

Again, we haven't optimised specifically with or without hyperthreading so I wouldn't be able to say which is best.  In general, more cores and faster cores give the fastest results.  Similar results can be obtained with fewer cores but you will have to wait a lot longer for the same solution.

MyNesting uses our standard nesting engine.  NestFab can either use the standard engine or the ultra performance engine depending on customer choice.  Ultra performance is a completely different nesting engine and is current has the best performance of any nesting engine we know.

NestFab Perpetual licence is a life-time license and includes support and updates for 12 months.  Thereafter, you can renew support/updates for another year for 15% of the license pricing.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

 thx for your reply.

for better performance, which platform is better for Nestfab? AMD or Intel,

you know AMD has better performance and more cores with same price,

we are planning with AMD threadripper

but some industrial software has no optimization for AMD, which will have a poorer performance significantly even with double cores.

Is hyperthreading helpful for Nestfab performance?

I have also tried mynesting which is also from your company, but the outcome is way poor than Nestfab ultra, why this happens?

the purchase of Nestfab without subscription is a life time purchase? Is it free for all future update?

There is no limitation on number of CPU cores and CPU threads  NestFab will use all available cores to get the best and fastest possible solutions. 

It is also important to have enough RAM.  We recommend 2GB per CPU core for optimal results.

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