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Several questions/problems


Great software. Currently i am on trial and i noticed several issues and i have few questions:

  1. Arrays are not recognized as cut lines? I need to explode them in Autocad before import?
  2. Sometimes it happens that mark lines that should be attached to part don't get attached and as result after nesting i get these lines somwhere else. It is very tedious task to visually check entire nesting to find these and when i find them there is no way to find part that should go with these lines. Also there is no warning that this is happening. Am i doing something wrong with geometry and what might be reason for this?
  3. Part names are imported with dxf and in most cases i do my best to put these names within borders of part. After nesting some of these names go out of borders of part. This is problematic since operator has to write names by hand on parts after nesting and it gets confusing to match name with part. Why is this happening and is there a way to avoid it?
  4. Sometimes part has more than one text within its boudaries. Automatic naming sometimes selects wrong one. What is criteria to select which text for part name? If this is not random then i could prepare dxf to recognize right text for name.
  5. Usually, when there are lot of parts on dxf import, i get "Warning - Some Geometry Unused". Is there a way to mark this geometry so i can check what is it. I don't want to miss parts to be cut.

Kind regards


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